Our aim is to make furniture that will have a place in your home today and for many years to come. We make pieces that are built to last, and we hope, improve with age. Care will enhance the appearance and longevity of your furniture. 

 Wood is a wonderful material that can handle lots of wear and tear if treated correctly. We believe in the importance of a finish that has longevity and choose to use hand applied finishes that can be reapplied over the years.

 We use sympathetic wax oils that offer hard-wearing protection while keeping the wood looking like wood. Our finishes are derived from natural oils and waxes that are kind to our material (not coating it in a layer of plastic as some spray finishes do) soaking into the surface and keeping out dirt while still allowing the wood to breathe. These finishes provide good resistance to spillages wiped away relatively quickly with a damp cloth.

 You can clean your furniture more thoroughly with warm soapy water or a spray cleaner. We can also supply a liquid wax cleaner that can be applied annually to keep the wood finish strong. We’d always advise trying something like this on a patch of wood on the underside of the piece to see how it looks first. No abrasive cloth or cleaning agent should be used to clean your table. 



 We envisage our furniture having a long life and believe daily use will only add to its beauty. Our workshop can advise on the best way to treat any damage beyond normal wear and tear. Since everything that leaves our workshop is made from solid wood, it can always be re-sanded and refinished. This is a service we have happily offered some clients, a number of years after their initial commission. Please get in touch if your item is in need of repair and we would be more than happy to advise.

 We hope you enjoy using your Alfred Newall furniture for generations to come!